Haylage for hard working horses

Supergrass GRAFTER Haylage

GRAFTER is designed to be fed to equines that are ACTIVE with medium to high workloads. With higher protein and energy levels than our CHILLED product, this allows equines to have the required energy for whatever your equine pursuit, and the required protein for muscle recovery and to retain overall condition. Our mixture of grasses provides a great high fibre content and first-class palatability.

Our beautifully made haylages offer a great dust-free alternative to hay. See here for a typical nutritional analysis of this product. This should be used as guidance; as a natural product all forages vary a little across each field they are made from.

All our forages are produced using grass leys containing a mixture of grass species (including timothy, meadow fescue, ryegrass & coxfoot), providing a more palatable and diverse fibre forage.

Our handy 20KG (Approx) are ideal for ensuring your horses always gets fresh forage. Typically a pack will last 1 horse 2/3 days, depending on workload, breed, age and size.

Haylage should form part of a balanced equine diet. We would advise consulting a qualified professional if you are unsure of feeding quantities, appropriate feed or feeding method.

Always introduce new feed elements to an equine diet progressively over a period of a few days.

Available in full or half pallets. If you require large quantities or need larger packs please get in touch for bulk pricing.

Please include any delivery requirements, such as delivery on a specific day, in the order notes (no Sunday delivery). We will always do our best to accommodate special requirements.