Sport Horses

There are many distinct types of sport horse, but they are generally hardy, obedient and naturally fit. In the UK, sport horse refers to almost every type of performance horse except racehorses.

While horse racing and other horse-riding sports share a lot of characteristics and horse care needs, racers require noticeably short, sharp bursts of energy and very narrow, honed skillsets.

Meanwhile, most other types of sport horse are hardier with a much broader array of abilities and less explosive energy. These different demands affect the way the horses are cared for.

“If you want to understand the effect of weight on a horse, try running for a bus with nothing in your hands. Then try doing it with your hands full of shopping. Then think about doing that for four and a half miles.”
— Anna Wong, Stable volunteer

Sport Horse Care

Performance horses require a good, regular balance of water, protein, minerals, vitamins and, most importantly, energy, including fibre gained through hay and haylage. A healthy sport horse is a thing of wonder – fast, strong, faithful, graceful and happy.

Sport Horse Health

Sports horses are like sportspeople. They risk injury from their demanding lifestyles and unusual workloads. These risks must be minimised and controlled. As well as their outer bodies, a sport horse’s metabolism must be protected with a carefully controlled diet.

Sport Horse Feeding

Sport horses need proper nutrition to stay safe and reach their peak performance. This includes protein, minerals, vitamins and, most importantly, energy, which can be supplied by a careful balance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Providing your sport horses with lots of premium nutrition including energy from carbohydrates, starches, and fats means they can continue to deliver day after day. This can be gained from a high-performance diet including cereals, hay and haylage, such as Supergrass Haylage and Superhay.

Minerals and supplements can also be a great way to balance their diet and provide proper nutrients, especially if their pasture has any deficiencies. Forages and high-fibre haylage products are composed of structural carbohydrates with varying levels of energy which to be released conveniently over time.

Supergrass Grafter – Sport horse food

Sport horses have active lifestyles requiring a lot of energy. Because of their delicate metabolisms and the heavy demands placed on them, it is important that their diet is carefully balanced to deliver energy while maintaining their stomachs and hind guts. Supergrass grafter is designed to do just this, with grasses selected and grown to deliver a lot of protein and energy.

Sport horse stabling and exercise


Maintaining your sport horse’s naturally active lifestyle is crucial. He or she will need sufficient grazing opportunities, readily available water, and shelter from environmental factors such as heat, wind, and cold.

Stables for sport horses must prioritize ample space for each horse. Aim for stalls of at least 12’x12′ to allow for comfortable movement. Also, keep accessibility in mind, ensuring easy access for feeding, grooming, and exercise routines to support their athletic endeavours


Many sports can occasionally leave your mount either dirty or sweaty. So, it is even more important to give them a careful groom for reasons of health and presentation. Rinse them down with warm water outside if appropriate, dry them carefully and spend a few minutes picking out their hooves. While this is essential for all horses, sport horses require it almost daily.


Most types of sport horse are attuned to long, medium-intensity workouts with a few shorter, more intense exercises mixed in.

At the very least, they require rigorous exercise six days per week, even if they have good pasture access. Let your horse warm-up with a ten-minute walk, followed by an hour or more of medium exercise, then cool down with another ten-minute walk.

Generally speaking, an active, healthy horse needs 2 to 2.5 pounds of feed for every 100 pounds of his weight, and up to 12 gallons of fresh, clean water daily!

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