Haylage for poultry


Supergrass POULTRY

Our top quality UK grown poultry hay is a superb source of added fibre for chickens. Over 35% MAD Fibre and over 80% Dry Matter content, makes for a high-quality product. Grown from our special mixture of meadow grasses; providing a viable alternative to imported fibre bales/blocks.

Our product offers environmental enrichment, stimulating natural behaviours such as; perching, scratching and pecking, reducing feather pecking and maintaining a happier flock.

Our bale size of 60cm long x 15cm tall x 30cm wide are densely baled, with short strand product (under 50mm), providing an easy to handle product that is ideal for interaction by birds from a young age.

Our product will be palletised (40 bales per pallet). You will be able to buy online for orders up to 6 pallets. Orders will typically take 3 working days to be delivered. If you are interested in buying this product in bulk (which would receive discounted rates) please email us for more information.

Please include any delivery requirements, such as delivery on a specific day, in the order notes. We will always do our best to accommodate special requirements.


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