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Supergrass Grafter haylage open pack

Supergrass GRAFTER Haylage

GRAFTER is designed to be fed to equines that are ACTIVE with medium to high workloads. With higher protein and energy levels than our CHILLED product, this allows equines to have the required energy for whatever your equine pursuit, and the required protein for muscle recovery and to retain overall condition. Our mixture of grasses provides a great high fibre content and first-class palatability.


Supergrass Chilled haylage open pack

Supergrass CHILLED Haylage

Our Chilled haylage offers the same great high fibre content you get in our GRAFTER product, with lower energy levels and lower protein. This is more suitable for horses and ponies with light to no work or for those that are ‘good-doers’ with a bit of a weight issue. This product is also a little softer and can be more suited to veterans & native breeds.


Supergrass Hay and Haylage Sample Box

Traditional Meadow Hay


Supergrass Super Hay bales

Premium Timothy Hay